Attila – The Scourge of God


During Attila’s reign, he was one of the most feared enemies of the Western and Eastern Empires. He crossed the Danube twice and plundered the Balkans, but was unable to take Constantinople. His unsuccessful campaign in Persia was followed in 441 by an invasion of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, the success of which emboldened Attila to invade the West. He also attempted to conquer Roman Gaul (modern France), crossing the Rhine in 451 and marching as far as Aurelianum (Orléans) before being defeated at the Battle of the Catlaunian Plains.


Attila can be obtained from “The Mightiest Governor” event and later from the “Card King” event. Let’s be honest, Attila and Takeda Shingen were a nightmare to deal with. He specializes in dealing normal attack and counterattack damage. His active skill “King of the Huns” allows him to further increase his damage output while debuffing the enemy’s normal attack.

As a Cavalry commander, he is highly mobile and together with Takeda they are stupendously tanky, making them an ideal frontline pair in the open field. That’s not all they are good at. A rally led by this duo of commanders was virtually unstoppable before they got nerfed. However, they are still the best pair to lead rallies. Attila’s expertise, which makes him immune to Silence effects and bonus damage when the enemy is below 50% is just adding insult to injury.


Attila Skill 1King of the Huns
Active Skill
Rage Requirement: 1000
For the next 4 seconds, increases normal attack damage and counterattack damage, and normal attacks have a chance to reduce enemy attack for 2 seconds.
Upgrade Preview:
Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Counter Attack Damage Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Enemy Attack Reduction: 20% / 25% / 30% / 40% / 50%
AttilaThe Siege of Constantinople
Passive Skill
When attacking garrisons, increases all damage dealt, and has a chance every turn to reduce the garrison’s defence for 3 seconds.
Upgrade Preview:
Damage Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Defense Reduction: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
Attila Skill 3Honoria
Passive Skill
Skill damage against troops led by Attila is reduced, and the skill damage dealt by his own troops is also reduced by 30%. Increases cavalry units’ March Speed and attack.
Upgrade Preview:
Skill Damage Taken Reduction: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%
Cavalry March Speed Bonus: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%
Cavalry Attack Bonus: 20%/ 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%
Attila Skill 4Battle of the Catalaunian Plains
Passive Skill
When the army led by Attila contains only cavalry units, normal attacks have a chance to increase to his own troops’ all damage dealt for the next 2 turns; has a 25% chance to increase all damage dealt, and has 25% chance to increase all damage dealt.
Upgrade Preview:
Bonus Damage (25% Chance): 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% / 50%
Bonus Damage (25% Chance): 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% / 100%
Attila ExpertiseThe Scourge of the God
New Skill 
Passive Skill
Troops led by Attila are immune to Silence effects. Against enemy troops with less than 50% strength, increases damage dealt by 20%. Increases March Speed by 50% for 3 seconds after leaving the battle.

Talent Build

Talents generated using RoK Talents.

This is the only build that you need for Attila regardless of what you’re doing. Attila and Takeda rely on Normal Attack and Counterattack damage to take down enemies, which is why Martial Mastery is good talent on Attila. This pair is known for its durability, so Effortless is another good talent for them. From the Cavalry tree, we work our way towards Emblazoned Shield, with this talent, Attila’s “Honoria” skill, and Takeda’s “Immovable as the Mountain” skill they have a total of 32% Skill Damage reduction.


Takeda Shingen. That’s all you need. He doesn’t work well with other legendary Cavalry commanders like Genghis Khan, Saladin, Minamoto, and Cao Cao. This is because all of these commanders deal skill damage and Attila reduces the skill damage dealt by his own troops.

Now, an argument can be made that his skill “Battle of the Catalaunian Plains” which increases all damage dealt can also increase the skill damage dealt by those commanders but it’s RNG based. If it procs right before they do skill damage then sure but chances are that it won’t. So, instead of relying on RNG, it’s better to use him with a commander that he was meant to be with. But if you really need to use him with someone other than Takeda then Saladin is the next logical choice. Saladin’s support tree will generate an insane amount of rage for them to spam their Active skills and skill damage taken reduction from the Support tree and Saladin’s 3rd skill is just a bonus.

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