Castle: Upgrade Requirements

Upgrading Castle is a tedious process for free to play players. It requires long term planning as gem requirements to upgrade it escalates fairly quickly.

Level 25 Castle is a prerequisite for Level 25 Academy, which is needed to unlock the coveted Tier 5 troops.

In this guide, we will discuss, where and how you can get Books of Covenant that are required to upgrade the Castle and the cost of upgrade.

VIP Special Privileges Chest

Books are available from multiple Special Privileges Chest in different quantities from all of them. VIP 2, VIP 4, VIP 6, VIP 10, VIP 13 and VIP 14 contains 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 and 2000 Books respectively.

Grinding Barbarian Forts

Farming Barbarian Forts for Books takes time, it can be exhausting and it shouldn’t be your primary method to obtain Books. Use Peacekeeping Commanders to either start a Fort rally or join you Alliance mate’s rally. The amount of Books that you can get depends on your damage dealt, which is why it’s better to start your own rally.

Purchasing Books from the Shop

For most players, this is the primary method of obtaining Books of Covenant. Each Book of Covenant costs 10 gems, which isn’t much by itself but the amount of Books required to upgrade higher Level Castle grows significantly. The best time to purchase Books is during the “More than Gems” event to get some extra value for your gems.

Alliance chests

You can get up to 10 Books whenever someone purchases Chests in your Alliance. It’s not much but everything helps.

Castle Upgrade Requirements

Castle LevelCost in Book of CovenantCost in Gems
Level 100
Level 2220
Level 3550
Level 4880
Level 515150
Level 620200
Level 730300
Level 840400
Level 950500
Level 1070700
Level 1180800
Level 121001,000
Level 131251,250
Level 141501,500
Level 153003,000
Level 165005,000
Level 177007,000
Level 189009,000
Level 19120012,000
Level 20150015,000
Level 21180018,000
Level 22200020,000
Level 23250025,000
Level 24300030,000
Level 25500050,000
The total cost of all castle levels20,095200,950
Castle Requirements

When you don’t have the resources necessary to upgrade your Castle, do not use your Building or Research speedups (unless you need to use them in order to win an event). By doing so, you are reducing the idle time. For instance, if you max out your Buildings/Research but you don’t have the resources to upgrade your Castle, you will lose a lot of time without having to upgrade anything.

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