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Golden Kingdom Event Guide 2020

This Golden Kingdom guide is targeted towards F2P players with limited commander options. With this guide and a bit luck you’ll be clearing all 20 Floors.

Golden Kingdom Overview

Unlike most events in Rise of Kingdoms, where you are asked to pick a difficulty, the Golden Kingdom event doesn’t give you that option. Instead, this event will scale along with your Power. The Golden Kingdom Event in Rise of Kingdoms is a 3 days, 20-floor dungeon event, you progress through each floor by defeating that floor’s Chief Guardian. After starting the event, you are asked to choose your queues. These queues can only be changed by restarting the event entirely, losing all progress in the process. Battles in the Golden Kingdom event are like the ones in Sunset Canyon.

Golden Kingdom March

Keep in mind that like most other game modes, troop type advantage is applicable here as well. Which means Archers > Infantry > Cavalry > Archers.

Troop Advantage

Golden Kingdom Map

Once you confirm your queue, you’ll enter the Map, which consists of 8×4 Tiles. Initially these tiles are covered by fog, which can be cleared by tapping on it to reveal Guardians, Structures, Relics and Gold.

Golden Kingdom Map


There are three types of Fog:

UnclearableUnclearable Fog
These types of fog will become clearable when an adjacent fog is cleared.
ClearableClearable Fog
Tap on it to reveal.
Locked Fog
Fog adjacent to a Guardian is locked and it can only be cleared after defeating the Guardian.


Reinforcement Camp

Golden Kingdom Reinforcement Camp

In this structure you are able to recruit 1 additional Commander for your lineup, you can replace your existing Commander with the one you picked in the Battle screen. This allows you to progress further in the event.

Disk of Density

Golden Kingdom Disk

Spin the wheel to receive Relics, Blessings or Gold. We almost never get the good stuff here.

Healer’s Hut

Golden Kingdom Healer Hut

This structure gives you the option to heal one of your Commander up to 50% of its health. We’d recommend that you heal your back row DPS commanders.

Altar of Karuak

Golden Kingdom Altar

Altar of Karuak gives you the option to revive one of your dead Commander and restore a small portion of their Health.

Arrow Tower

Arrow Towers are annoying. It damages your troops (1% of Max HP) every time you clear fog. If you encounter an Arrow Tower prioritize destroying it immediately by clearing a path to it or by using a Relic that lets you instantly destroy it.

Secret Market

Golden Kingdom Checkpoint

On floors 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 you’ll find this shop to purchase Relics by using Gold. We recommend that you hold on to your gold till floor 8 if possible, floor 12. Gold is a limited resource and you’ll need it later more than you need it on early levels. These floors contain a reward chest (reward list below), these chests can only be claimed once per event. These floors also act as checkpoints, in case you are defeated, you can start over from your last checkpoint up to 3 times per instance of the event.


Relics are consumable items, that can be used only once (you can always get more of them). You can carry up to 9 relics at any given time. In case you’re running low on slots, use them to make room for more power relics that are available in higher level floors.

Golden Kingdom Relic

You can find Relics, lying on the ground when clearing fog or you can purchase them from the Secret Market on floor 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. These relics allow you to heal your troops, reveal Guardians on a floor, move Guardians to a random location, damage reduction, deal direct damage to a guardian of your choice, and instakill Arrow Towers. Save your damage reduction relics and Siege Relics that deal direct damage for the Chief Guardian.


Golden Kingdom Blessing

Blessings are permanent buffs for your troops when you’re battling in the Golden Kingdom. You can obtain random blessings when you’re clearing fog or when you defeat normal Guardians. When you defeat the Chief Guardian, you get the option to choose between 3 blessings.

If you don’t get decent Blessings before the 8th floor, it’s better to restart the event instead of going forward. Extra troop queue Blessing is a must, everything else depends on your composition.


Floor 4
 3-hour Universal Speedup x6
 Golden Key x2
 Lvl. 5 XP Book x10
 Lvl. 2 Pick-one Resource Chest x4
 Dazzling Starlight x1
Floor 8 3-hour Universal Speedup x7
 Golden Key x2
 Lvl. 5 XP Book x10
 Lvl. 2 Pick-one Resource Chest x5
 Dazzling Starlight x1
Floor 128-hour Universal Speedup x3
24-hour Peace Shield x1
Lvl. 5 XP Book x10
Lvl. 3 Pick-one Resource Chest x8
Dazzling Starlight x1
Floor 168-hour Universal Speedup x3
24-hour Enhanced Defense x3
Lvl. 5 XP Book x12
Lvl. 3 Pick-one Resource Chest x8
Dazzling Starlight x2
Floor 208-hour Universal Speedup x3
24-hour Enhanced Attack x3
Lvl. 5 XP Book x20
Lvl. 3 Pick-one Resource Chest x10
Dazzling Starlight x2


The problem with this event is that it’s time consuming and relies too much on RNG (blessings, relics, altars, recruitment and everything else etc). It can be fun when RNG favors you and equally frustrating when it doesn’t.

That’s it for Golden Kingdoms Event. If you have a question, leave a comment down below.

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