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Ian’s Ballads Event Complete Guide

Ian’s Ballads is a Cross-Kingdom PvE campaign in Rise of Kingdoms. In this game mode, players form a party of 4 and work together to defeat Neutral Units and eventually the Chieftain of an area. Once the Chieftain is defeated Players can proceed towards the next area and continue to fight till they reach the last Chieftain. When defeating Neutral Units there’s a chance to drop Lucky Chest and a guaranteed Ian’s Chest when defeating a Chieftain which contains more premium rewards. Players can obtain reward Chest only once per Chieftain for the entire duration of the event. So, make sure to complete the event at the highest difficulty available for you.

Ian’s Ballad Difficulty & Prerequisites

Neutral Units and their skills scale with the difficulty that you selected. These neutral units will use one of the three skills that are available to them. So, keep an eye out for debuffs placed on you, pull back, and re-engage if necessary to reset those debuffs.



  • City Hall Level 16
  • Power 1,000,000


  • Beast Hide: Troop Defense Bonus increased by 10%
  • Protection Against Brutality: Normal Attack reduced by 5% and Skill Damage taken increased by 5%.
  • Gormandize: Heals 5% of the units led by the commander each time they defeat an enemy army.



  • City Hall Level 18
  • Power 5,000,000


  • Blood Drinker’s Might: Troop Attack Bonus increased by 20%
  • Perforate: Damage received from Archers increased by 10%.
  • Strip Armor: Debuff targets, increasing your damage taken by 6% and stacks up to 99 times.


  • City Hall Level 21
  • Power 10,000,000



  • Evil Fanaticism: Counterattack Damage taken reduced by 20%.
  • Mud Mire: Damage received from Cavalry increased by 15%.
  • Strip Armor: Debuff targets, increasing your damage taken by 9% and stacks up to 99 times.



  • City Hall Level 23
  • Power 20,000,000


  • Beast Hide: Troop Defense Bonus increased by 40%
  • Mud Mire: Damage received from Cavalry increased by 20%.
  • Blood Drinker: When attacking, 8% chance to heal troops for 1%.



  • City Hall Level 25
  • Power 40,000,000


  • Beast Hide: Troop Defense Bonus increased by 60%
  • Protection Against Brutality: Normal Attack reduced by 30% and Skill Damage taken increased by 30%.
  • Strip Armor: Debuff targets, increasing your damage taken by 20% and stacks up to 99 times.

Ian’s Ballad Structures

Base Camp

Ian's Ballad Base Camp

Base Camp is the starting location, here you can select the Commander and troop type that you want to use for the event.

Resting Campsite

Ian's Ballad Resting Campsite

Resting Campsite are checkpoints that you can find in the map, there are a total of 3 Resting Campsite in Ian’s Ballads. Whenever your troops die, they will return to the nearest Resting Campsite provided you Activated it beforehand, or else your troops will be forced to retreat to the Campsite before that or to the Base Camp. If you were to die then you can select different Commanders or troop composition from these Camps.

Medical Camps

 Medical Camp

After each battle you can heal your troops by setting up Medical Camp, this Camp can heal upto 10,000 units per second. You cannot heal if even one of your teammate is in battle or if the neutral units are chasing you.

Ian’s Ballads Chieftain

Chieftain “Huntmaster” Kikkara

Chieftain “Huntmaster” Kikkara

Chieftain “Huntmaster” Kikkara is the first Chieftain that you’ll encounter in Ian’s Ballads. These are his skills:

  • Slash: Deals 6,000 Damage Factor to enemies in a fan-shaped area.
  • Hunting Instinct: Increase skill damage by 10% and stacks every time they use a skill.
  • Desperate Will: When army strength falls below 25%, increases all damage done by 100%.
  • Beastial Impulse: Each attack have 20% chance to heal 1% of the troops.

He is easy boss, all you need to do is surround him from the cardinal directions (North, East, South and West), so that only one player is hit by his AoE skill. Use High DPS commander to kill him fast before he gets enough stacks of “Hunting Instinct”.

Chieftain “Beasttord” Mokka

Chieftain Beasttord Mokka

Mokka is the second Chieftain in Ian’s Ballads. His Skills are listed below:

  • Ursine Strength: Summons 2 armies of bears to aid him in battle, gain strength while on the battlefield.
  • Bestial Instinct: While the bears is active on the battlefield, increase defense led by Mokka by 100%.
  • Bestial Roar: For each bears summoned by Beastlord, increase Mokka’s attack by 20%.
  • Beastlord Awaken: After entering the battle for more than 300 seconds, increases all damage by 200%.

He is pretty straight forward as well, just use commanders with high skill damage to nuke him down. Once he has about 20% remaining, he will summon two bears to aid him, make sure that you take him out ASAP as they increase his defense and damage significantly.

Chieftain “Flamebender” Papakura

Chieftain “Flamebender” Papakura

Papakura is the third and final Chieftain in Ian’s Ballads. Her skills are listed below:

  • Flaming Vengeance: Deals 500 damage each second up to 3 random targets for 3 seconds.
  • Flame Totem: While activated, heals troops for 1% of its total health every second while it last.
  • Ring of Flames: Deals 100 damage each second to all enemies in a circular area.
  • Fiery Sacrifice: Heals for 20% of troops for every army she defeats and increases all damage by 200%.

She isn’t necessarily hard to defeat but she can be a bit tricky to take down. When attacking her, she’ll summon a Totem that heals her, so make sure to destroy it ASAP. Another thing to note is that if someone is on low HP it’s better to pull back then to die and let her use Fiery Sacrifice. If more than one Player dies to her, it’s better to restart from the last Campsite than to continue.

Ian’s Ballad Recommended Commanders

Guan Yu
Guan Yu
Yi Seong-Gye
Yi Seong-Gye

Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Alexander the Great
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu

Recommend Commanders are not set in stone, these are just the Commanders that performs really well but if you don’t have them, you can pretty much any Commander that deals high Skill Damage.

Skill System

Each Player is required to select one of 3 Roles:

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Support

Tank role deals less damage but can take more damage, DPS role on the other can deal more damage but are bad in taking damage and then there are Support role, Supports can buff teammates and heal them. Support and Tank units are pretty much useless in Ian’s Ballads, go full DPS and dish out ridiculous amounts of damage.

Each Role have 3 Types of Skills, where they can assign their desired Skills.

  • Primary: This is the main skill of each role and arguably the most powerful.
  • Secondary: Secondary Skills are powerful but nowhere near as good as the Primary skills for a role.
  • Generic: These skills are the same for all roles and they are the weakest.

Skill System in Ian’s Ballads is similar to that of Ceroli Crisis. You can find a more detailed explanation of the Skill System there.


Ian’s Ballad is a fairly easy event with a lot of room for more improvements and bigger more engaging maps, the possibilities are limitless. I hope Lilith continues to work on Ian’s. With the recent changes to Equipment, Ian’s Ballads along with a few other Events are some of the most sought after events in Rise of Kingdoms.

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