Kingdom Newspaper

Kingdom Newspaper was introduced as a part of Update 1.0.35: “Honor of the King”. Every day players can purchase a new edition everyday for 10 gems from Lyceum of Wisdom.

It covers major and interesting events throughout the kingdom. Players can respond to the articles by liking or disliking them. You get a random buff after purchasing it.

You can access older newspapers from the Calendar if you had purchased a Kingdom Newspaper for that day.


What’s in it?

This is a new feature and we didn’t have much time to play around with it or find every single news you can find here. These are some of the sample News that you can find here.

It mostly covers things that happened on a Kingdom the previous day. Most of these information are there just for the comic value, while others provides stats of the previous day’s information events.

Our thoughts

As of right now, this is a vanity feature and adds nothing to improve your character progression.

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