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Light and Darkness – Season of Conquest

Light and Darkness aka Kingdom vs Kingdom is the biggest and most popular event in Rise of Kingdoms. In this event, there are two teams: Light and Darkness and each team consist of 4 Kingdoms.


.Each Kingdom is categorized into four power levels: A, B, C, and D with A being the strongest and D weakest.

King of a Kingdom can either make their own team or choose to join an existing team.

Each team consists of four Kingdoms and the Team Leader can set which power level (A,B,C,D) can apply for their team.

Before this teaming up phase ends, King can opt to leave their current team and repeat the process.

After the Matchmaking phase, Eve of the Crusade begins which lasts for 9 days and has 3 Stages. Light and Darkness event itself lasts for 42 days.

Eve of the Crusade

Eve of the Crusade event is divided into three stages. During each stage, players can perform the required task to score Individual and Alliance Crusader Points. At the end of the event, Players and Kingdoms will be rewarded based on their Final Rankings.

This is just an overview of Eve of the Crusade. A more detailed guide will be available later.

Stage 1: Killing Mauraders

Once this Stage begins, Mauraders starts to appear in your Kingdom. They are just Level 25 Barbarians with a different name and a darker shade.


Duration: 3 days

Out of all the events/stages in RoK this is perhaps the most interesting, expensive, and rewarding. If you’re a F2P player, this is the time to spend all your Action Points.

  1. After defeating a Maurader there is a chance to receive Worn Leather Satchels, which contains Scraps of Parchment.
  2. Collect a complete set of 7 different Scraps of Parchment and exchange them for Kingdom Supply Chests.
  3. Each time you exchange a Kingdom Supply Chest, you receive 5000 Individual and Kingdom Crusader Points.
  4. Players can exchange their unwanted Scraps of Parchment with other players from their Kingdom for their desired ones.
  5. All used Worn Leather Satchels and Scraps of Parchment will be reclaimed at the end of this Stage.
Kingdom Supply Chests

Stage 2: Prepare for the Battle

Duration: 3 days

  1. Train troops during the event to receive Individual Crusade Points and Kingdom Crusade points for your kingdom.
  2. Upgrading units will award points equivalent to the difference between the point rewards for each tier.
Troop TierPoints
Tier 11 Point
Tier 22 Points
Tier 34 Points
Tier 48 Points
Tier 520 Points

Stage 3: Clash of Civilizations

During this Stage, players are required to defeat Maurader Encampments, which are Level 6 Barbarian Forts.

Duration: 3 days

Maurader Encampments can only be rallied. Players who join these rallies will receive Individual Crusader Points and earn Crusader Points for the Kingdom. Destroying a Maurader Encampment grants 7000 Points.


Commanders and Kingdoms are ranked based on their total Individual Crusader Points and Kingdom Crusader Points scored during the course of the event.

Individual Rewards
Kingdom RankBuff
Rank 1All Damage +3%
Rank 2All Damage +2%
Rank 3All Damage +1%
Rank 4Gathering Speed +5%
Rank 5Training Speed +3%
Rank 6Action Point Recovery +5%
Rank 7Research Speed +2%
Rank 8Building Speed +2%

Kingdoms Buffs

Lost Kingdom

Immediately after Eve of the Crusade ends, players can enter the Lost Kingdom map. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll notice that the UI and Map are totally revamped from the old version.

Light and Darkness - UI
Light and Darkness – Interface

The map is designed in a way where the big fights happen in King’s Land (central area) and around the Ancient Ruins/Dark Altar, although you are only limited to use 1 march in Ancient Ruins/Dark Altar.

Light and Darkness - Map
Light and Darkness – Map

Teams will be randomly assigned to either Camp Lunaria or Camp Solaria and it will remain that way for the remainder of the event. In Light and Darkness, there is a Day and Night cycle, each lasting for 24 hours. During the daytime, Camp Solaria receives a buff and during night time Camp Lunaria gets the buff.

You’ll notice is that you can now find higher-level Barbarians in the initial zone, making it easier to score Honor Points (more on that later).

Another major difference you’ll notice right away is that, you can’t capture enemy’s Holy Sites (at least not like before), however you can destroy your enemies Holy Sites and other structures except the Great Ziggurat. These destroyed buildings cannot be rebuilt or repaired. Every time an alliance destroys enemy’s Holy Site, their Camp is awarded 1 Point. At the end of the event whichever Camp has scored the most points is declared the winner. In case of a draw, they are both declared defeated.

Note: You cannot build Alliance Fortress in King’s Land.

Honor Points

Honor Points can be earned by performing specific tasks, like killing barbarians, continuous occupation, first occupation, Grace of Soluna donation, gathering, and more. You can find detailed information in the table below.

Defeat Level 26-30 Barbarian5 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Defeat Level 31-35 Barbarian8 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Defeat Level 36-40 Barbarian10 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Gathering and depleting a Resource Node3 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Destroy a Level 6 Barbarian Fort15 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Destroy a Level 7 Barbarian Fort25 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Destroy a Level 8 Barbarian Fort35 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Destroy a Level 9 Barbarian Fort45 Honor Points/Soluna Coins
Ancient Ruins Continous OccupationAlliance Honor: +15/min
Individual Honor: +40/min
Dark Altar Continous OccupationAlliance Honor: +25/min
Individual Honor: +75/min

Apart from these First Occupation of Holy Sites gives Kingdom and Alliance Honor as well as Honor/min for Continuous Occupation.

Grace of Soluna

After defeating barbarians, gathering resources, and destroying forts, you receive Soluna Coins equal to the number of Honor Points you receive from the said activity. These coins can be used to donate in Grace of Soluna, it’s the same as Alliance Technology donation but instead of just your Alliance donating to it, your entire Camp donates there to unlock powerful buffs for your Camp.

Grace of Soluna

Each donation costs 100 Soluna Coins. When you donate Soluna Coins you receive 100 Honor Points, with a chance to receive 200, 500, and 1000 Honor Points. It’s one of the main reason why farming Honor Points in Light and Darkness is much easier than the previous iteration of Kingdom vs Kingdom.

Light and Darkness – Stages

There are a total of 5 Stages in Light and Darkness. These stages require you and your Camp to perform various activities, they are the same as The Mightiest Governor, but different order. You’ll be competing with the enemy Camp. Players from both winning Camp and defeated Camp receive rank rewards. Check out the video below to learn more about Stage 1 and 2

StageWait TimeDuration
Resource GatheringInstant4 days
Seize the Moment3 days2 days
Barbarian Fort3 days4 days
Troop Training3 days2 days
Fight for Glory5 days3 days

Apart from the rank rewards Players can also receive milestone rewards when their score reaches a certain threshold. These thresholds differ for each stage but the rewards are pretty much the same.


Twilight keeps track of your Lost Kingdom progression, much like how Monument used to keep track of your progression in your Home Kingdom.

Light and Darkness - Twilight
Light and Darkness – Twilight

Crusader Achievements

Completing Crusader Achievements gives you various rewards. These Achievements can be further categorized into Individual, Alliance, and Kingdom.

Light and Darkness -Individual
Individual Achievements

Honor Roll

Players, Alliances and Kingdoms are ranked in Light and Darkness based on their Honor. Rewards include Universal Legendary Sculptures, Golden Keys, Resources, Speed-ups and even some exclusive items for that season of Light and Darkness.

Light and Darkness -Honor-Roll
Individual Honor Roll

Bonus: What’s next?

Well, after Light and Darkness is over you go back to your home kingdom and gather resources, get bored, try a different game, and come back when KvK starts again. 😛

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