Migration and Passport

Migration System was first introduced as a part of Update 1.0.18: The Lost Kingdom. It allows a player to leave their current Kingdom and look for a better opportunity in a different Kingdom. In order to use this System, players must meet the General Requirements and the requirements set by The King of the destination Kingdom.

General Requirements

  • City Hall Level 16 or Higher
  • Have enough Passport Pages. (The number of pages required for immigration is determined by your power level.)
  • All march queues are idle.
  • Neither your city nor your troops are in battle.
  • You are not part of any alliance.
  • The number of resources you possess does not exceed the protection capacity of your storehouse.
  • After immigrating, you must wait at least 30 days before immigrating again.
  • After immigrating, all Points from all currently participated events will reset to 0.

If your immigration request is successful, the game will automatically restart and your city will reappear at a random location in the selected province.

Passport Pages

You can obtain Passport Pages in two ways

  • New World Bundle
  • Alliance Shop
New World Bundle
 Food500 K1.0 M3.0 M10.0 M27.0 M27.0 M27.0 M
 Wood500 K1.0 M3.0 M10.0 M27.0 M27.0 M27.0 M
 Stone375 K750 K2.25 M7.5 M20.25 M20.25 M20.25 M
 Gold60 K180 K600 K2.4 M6.0 M6.0 M6.0 M
 VIP Points525100020004000500050005000
 Alliance ChestStoneBronzeIronSilverGoldGoldGold
 Universal5.83 H14.5 H1.02 D2.43 D4.934.93 D4.93 D
 Passport Page1234555
New World Bundle
Alliance Shop

You can purchase Passport Pages from the Alliance Shop using Individual Credits. Each Passport Page costs 600K Individual Credits and 100k Alliance Credit to list them in the Shop.

Individual Credits

Players can earn individual credits from:

  • Help: Every time you help your Alliance members, you get Individual Credits up to 10K credits per day. This limit resets at 00 UTC.
  • Technology Donation: You get 100 Credits for donating in Alliance Technology, when you donate there is chance to get crit and get upto 10x Credits.
  • Building Construction: Building flags, forts and resource points will give Credits up to 20k per day.
  • Alliance Chests: Whenever you open an Alliance Chest, there’s a chance to get Individual Credits.
  • Ark of Osiris: You can get upto 100K Individual Credits as reward depending on your performance.
  • Eve of Crusade: Kingdom Supply Chests obtained from Stage 1 gives massive amounts of Individual Credits. For most players, this is the primary source of farming Credits.

Passport Page Requirements

PowerPassport CostIndividual Credit
Passport Requirements and Cost


Once you meet all the requirements and have enough passports to migrate, zoom out on the map till you see a Globe in the bottom right corner. Locate your desired Kingdom from the list of Kingdoms.

Check if the Kingdom is Developed and if there is a Migration power cap, if your power exceeds the power cap, then you can contact The King of that Kingdom and them to adjust the Power Cap as required.

You can only migrate to Kingdoms that are Developed.


Migration is expensive and not something you can do on a regular basis, so try to gather as much information about a Kingdom before you migrate there. Make a new temporary character in there and get to know the people. This will give you an idea about what to expect and how they operate on a daily basis.

Always try to use the minimum number of passports possible for migration. For instance, if you are 49m power it costs 20 passports to migrate but if you are 50m power it costs 25 passports. As you can see you can easily reduce the passport cost by reducing your power to 49m, you can do that by injuring your troops and sending them to the hospital.

That’s pretty much everything there is to know about passports and migration. If you have any questions leave a comment below.

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