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Rise of Kingdoms – Complete Beginner’s Guide 2020

New to Rise of Kingdoms? Looking for tips on how to progress? Well, you are in luck. In this Guide, I will give you a general idea of the Dos and Don’ts of Rise of Kingdoms which will help you cruise through the early stages of the game. Let’s get started.

Invest in the right Commanders

Commanders are powerful resources in Rise of Kingdoms and probably the most sought after
There are 4 Rarities of Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms:

  1. Advanced
  2. Elite
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary

Commanders can be upgraded to a higher Level using Tomes of Knowledge. Each commander has 4 Skills but when all Skills of Epic and Legendary commanders are maxed out, they’ll unlock an Expertise skill, which depending on the commander will either buff an existing Skill of the Commander or unlock a New Skill. The 1st Skill of every Commander is an Active Skill and arguably the most powerful skill of that Commander, the other 3 skills are Passive Skills.

In order to use the Active Skill, a commander must acquire the required amount of Rage. A commander generates base 100 Rage per second when they are in a battle, rage regeneration can be increased by upgrading Rage generation Talents. Some commanders have skills that generate Rage which allows them to fire off their skills faster.  

Skills can be upgraded using Sculptures.  The table below shows the Sculpture requirements to level up each Skill.

Rise of Kingdoms Sculpture requirement

Most new players make the mistake of upgrading multiple Legendaries simultaneously. Focus on one commander at a time and always, ALWAYS max out their 1st skill before unlocking the rest of their skills.

For some commanders you’ll want to max their 2nd skill as well before you unlock their other skills, for others, you can skip the 2nd skill entirely and go straight for the 3rd and 4th skill. A good way to decide if you should skip the 2nd or 3rd skill is to see what that skill does, if it’s a Barbarian, Garrison or Conquering skill, skip it and unlock the rest. If it’s something that gives you stats, work on it before proceeding. An example of this would be, Charles Martel, max his first and 2nd skill before proceeding to unlock the rest of his skills. Cao Cao and Guan Yu, on the other hand, don’t need their 2nd skill as much as he needs his 3rd and 4th skill.

Every 10 levels commanders require Starlight Sculptures to progress them further. Starlight requirements for Epic and Legendary commanders can be found below.

Rise of Kingdoms Starlight

Epic Commanders Investment Order

Focus on these Epic Commanders first before working on the others:

  1. Joan of Arc – Her team fight utility will allow you to buff your teammates and she is a Gathering commander, so even when you’re not fighting you’ll still be using her to farm resources.
  2. Lohar – Lohar will allow you to gain more experience on you other commanders when you’re farming barbarians or guardians, and because of his Peacekeeping talents, you’ll consume less Action Points to kill Barbarians as well as deal Bonus Damage. Since you can easily get Lohar Sculpture from the Lohar’s Trial Event, do not invest Universal Epic Sculptures on him.
  3. Sun Tzu – As more and more Pass opens, fights will break out throughout your kingdoms. This is where Sun Tzu comes in. In team fights, Sun Tzu rivals even some of the Legendaries when it comes to damage because of his AoE Active skill. 
  4. Boudica – Another peacekeeper. Farm those barbarians.

Legendary Commander Investment Order

Do not Invest your Universal Sculptures on a Golden Key commander. Focus on these Commanders first, depending on your troop preference. 

(From High to Low Priority)

  1. Yi Seong-Gye
  2. Alexander
  3. Genghis Khan

Yi Seong-Gye for the past 2 years (man, how time flies) has been the go to commander for almost every Player. He has proved himself to be useful in almost every aspect of the game, there’s nothing he can’t do.

Once you’re done with any of the above commanders, look for Commanders that you can pair them with and start working on those commanders. 

If you went with Yi Seong-Gye, you can pretty much use any legendary commander with him, there are only a few exceptions. If you went with Alexander, then work on Richard I, Guan Yu next or you can even use Yi Seong-Gye as a secondary to him. Same goes for Genghis Khan. Check out our Commander section to learn more about Pairings.

Join a Strong Alliance

I cannot stretch this enough, join a strong Alliance with an experienced group of people. Not only will they provide you protection but you’ll get to learn more about the game. If you’re an active player, you won’t have trouble keeping up with their power requirements. You should always be involved and proactive in your alliance. Communicate with your fellow members and follow their rules. Don’t just join an alliance to reap the rewards and provide nothing in return.

Some of the reasons to join the best Alliance in your Kingdoms are:

Holy Sites: A strong Alliance will conquer Holy Sites which boosts the alliance’s members making them even more powerful, and then there’s always the First Occupation rewards. 

Better Alliance Technology: A stronger more active alliance will have better Alliance Technology which in turn boosts its members and benefits the Alliance itself during War.

Alliance Gifts:  When your fellow alliance members purchase in-game bundles, all members of the Alliance will receive an Alliance Chest. If you’re in an alliance where its members are P2W, you’ll definitely be rewarded and progress faster.

Now, it might sound bad but always look out for better opportunities both inside and outside your Kingdom. There’s no point in staying in an Alliance with a failing leadership or a kingdom that never seems to perform when it matters the most. 

Prioritize VIP

Investing in VIP early on is the best way of spending your gems. VIP 6 unlocks a permanent Builder for you, at VIP 10 you will get 1 Universal Legendary Sculpture per day which will help you in working towards your Legendary Commanders and so on.

VIP is expensive, especially if you are F2P or a low spender but if you followed our previous advice of joining the best Alliance in your Kingdom (gotta grind hard for it), you can get loads of VIP points from Alliance Chests whenever someone in your Alliance purchases a bundle which will help you towards your desired VIP level. 

Ideally, you’d want to go up to VIP 12 before thinking about spending your gems in other events like Wheel of Fortune or Card King. Once you hit VIP 12, it’s totally up to you on whether you want to go for VIP 14 or Castle.



Spending Action Points: Never use your Action Points on events like Holiday Events Like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. or on random events like Lohar’s Trial. The only events where you should be using Action Points are Eve of the Crusade Stage 1 or inside Lost Kingdom

Expedition: In the beginning work on your Constance, once she is done grind Expedition for those Æthelflæd sculptures, the sooner you get her, the better. It’ll take about 150-ish days for an F2P to complete her. 

Pick your Battles wisely: As a beginner it’s easy to underestimate the power of your opponents. Even I made that mistake several times. There were instances when I charged at 30m+ players as a 4m power player, the rest is history. Don’t fight someone who is more than 6-7m power above you or someone who is using a better Troop tier than you are, on your own, it won’t end well.

If you are F2P or a low spender prioritize joining rallies or garrisoning flags instead of fighting in the open field, you’ll run out of resources just like that and always keep an eye on your Hospital.

Events to Look out for

These are the best events in Rise of Kingdoms

With the exception of Shadow Legion, all of the above mentioned events can get you a decent amount of Universal Legendary Sculptures.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Rise of Kingdoms

Idle Queue: Never let your queues be idle.

  • March Queue: Always have them out to gather or to farm barbarian. There’s really no point in having all 5 marches inside your city, unless ofc they all returned when you were sleeping, then you really don’t have much of a choice.
  • Training Queue: No amount of troops are enough, keep training them.
  • Research and Building Queue: For an average player it takes over a year to complete all Research and Building. So, no holidays for the Builders. Make them work 24×7.

Not focusing on your gathering Commanders:  Gathering commanders or gathering in general is essential, especially during the early stages. So, invest in them to increase your gathering speed.

Not using Peacekeeper to attack Barbarians: The main benefit of using them is that they will significantly reduce your Action Point consumption and on top of that they deal bonus damage and gain bonus experience when fighting barbarians. Peacekeeping commanders shine during Eve of the Crusade Stage 1 and inside Lost Kingdom, where you have to kill an insane amount of barbarians.

Spending gems on random stuff: Like I mentioned earlier Prioritize VIP over anything else early on. Well, there are a few expectations every now and then, say if you want to unlock Richard or want to get him to a decent Skill level, by all means, go for it. However, never spend your gems on the Shop or Mysterious Merchant.

Attacking Cities: Oh boy, don’t do it please, especially if you are F2P. It’s a complete waste of your troops. Let your strongest players rally them instead. It’s the easiest way to lose all your precious troops. Sure, you might be looting some rss from that city but you are losing your troops which costs rss and time to train.

Using Speedups unnecessarily: Players make this mistake all the time, although it’s not as severe as some of the other mistakes. Every other week, your Kingdom will have some events where you either need to Increase you Troop, Research or Building power or use Troop, Research or Building speedups. In some cases you might even see a combination of them. In order to get the  best value out of your speedups, use them during these events. Never use your speedups, just because you want something fast (unless you are in war and you need a quick boost)

Upgrading every Building before City Hall: Rush your City Hall to 25 and only work on the prerequisite buildings to get there. Unlike most other games, where rushing is frowned up or even punished, Rise of Kingdoms actually welcomes you to rush. Higher-level City Hall will allow you to bring more troops to the field, access to better technology, better troops and if you had purchased the Growth Fund, you can get a good amount of gems for reaching City Hall 25, which you can then use for your VIP.


I am sure that there is much more stuff to talk about but these are the ones that players ask about the most in-game or on other platforms from my experience. If you’re looking for something specific, leave a comment down below and I’ll be happy to help you out or you can send me a PM on Reddit. 

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