Special Units

Special Units in Rise of Kingdoms are specific to a Civilization. Each of these Special Units have unique stats and are much stronger than their regular counterparts.

Archer Special Units

CrossbowmanRegular Unit4192192187
JanissaryOttoman Empire4197192192
Royal CrossbowmanRegular Unit5220216212
Elite LongbowmanBritain5232216211
Elite Chu-Ko-NuChain5227222212
Elite HwarangKorea5221227212
Elite JanissaryOttoman Empire5227216216

Cavalry Special Units

KnightRegular Unit4187192192
Teutonic KnightGermany4187197197
Royal KnightRegular Unit5220212216
Elite CataphractByzantium5220217222
Elite ConquistadorSpain5232212216
Elite MamlukArabia5227212222
Elite Teutonic KnightGermany5221222216

Infantry Special Units

Long SwordsmanRegular Unit4192192187
Throwing AxemanFrance4192192197
Royal GuardRegular Unit5220212216
Elite LegionaryRome5221222216
Elite Throwing AxemanFrance5221212227
Elite SamuraiJapan5232212216

Which is better?

Take Longbowman of Britain and Janissary of the Ottoman Empire. Longbowman has all of the bonus stats go into Attack and Jannisary is a hybrid between Attack and Health. In a perfect world, this shouldn’t make any difference as their overall stats are the same. However, Janissary is the better unit here because of the Ottoman Empire Civilization bonus of 5% Archer Health, 5% Active Skill Damage, and 5% March Speed, whereas Britain only has 5% Archer Attack and no other combat buffs.

The same goes for Legionary, Throwing Axeman, and Samurai. Rome has better Civilization Buff for Infantry than France and Japan. i.e 5% Infantry Defence vs 3% All troop Health and 3% All Troop Attack, however France and Japan’s Cavalry and Archer are much stronger than Rome because of that.

This is just a comparison of the base stats of the units without any buff other than Civilization buffs. Comparing them with every possible buff without the actual combat formula is a Herculean task as there are multiple unknown variables and rng into play.


While it’s nice to have a special unit, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor when choosing your Civilization. Consider your role in your Alliance/Kingdom and your priorities before choosing a Civilization, special units are just a bonus.

If you need help choosing a Civilization, check out our Top 3 Civilizations guide.

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