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Summer of Passion Event – 2020

Summer of Passion was introduced as part of Update 1.0.36: “Summer of Passion”. This event follows the same old alternating pattern between Special Events. However, a couple of things changed since the last time this event format was available. Let us take a look.

Summer Party

Summer of Passion - Summer Party

This 7-days event consists of 5 stages, with a new stage being unlocked every day. These stages are further divided into three main categories and consist of tasks that you generally do on a regular basis.

At the end of the end (8th day), players can collect the Chest located at the top right corner. This Chest contains 1x Epic Universal Sculpture, 1x 5 Minutes Speedups and Level 3 Tomes of Knowledge (1000 XP). The number of Chests that you received equals to the number of tasks that you complete during this event.

This event is especially good, if you are in a new kingdom, as you can upgrade your Epic Commanders quite easily with it. For those in older kingdoms, this event doesn’t scale well. Yeah, the speedups are nice to have but that’s pretty much it.

We have had this format for almost 2 years now, we think this event needs a major revamp. Moving on to the next event.

Sea Of Fireflies

Sea Of Fireflies

In this 7-days event, you can donate Fragrant Nectar to receive Nectar Bowls or you can donate 100 gems to receive Small Bottles. Fragrant Nectar can be obtained by:

  • City Collection- When you collect resources inside your city you have a chance to get Fragrant Nectar. It’s better to collect resources every hour or so, depending on how often you can play instead of letting it reach the maximum production possible. 
  • Barbarians- There a chance to get Fragrant Nectar when killing barbarians. We wouldn’t advise you to spend their AP for this event unless you are in Kingdom vs Kingdom and have access to Level 36-40 Barbarians. If you’re not in KvK, use your free AP and use AoE commanders to speed up the process.
  • Gathering- When gathering resources on the map, make sure you are gathering low-level resource nodes. But if you are gathering higher-level resource nodes, make sure to recall your troops every 20 mins-30 mins to get the maximum value for your time.
  • Protect The Supplies- This new event rewards a certain number of Nectar Bowls and Small Bottles depending on your performance, more information below.

These Nectar Bowls and Small Bottles can be exchanged in Summer Night Parties to purchase various items including Universal Legendary Sculptures, Limited Edition City Skin, and more.

Summer of Passion Summer Night Parties
Summer Night Parties

When you reach maximum chest points, all alliance members will receive a Chest. Each Player can open up to 10 of these Chests. Chest rewards include:

Summer of Passion Chest
Chest Rewards

There’s bonus rewards for the highest donors from an alliance.

 Summer of Passion Bonus Rewards
Bonus rewards

Protect the Supplies

This event is a single player version of Silk Road event but with much better potential rewards.

From the event’s page, you can configure the difficulty of individual Challenge to suit your needs. You can do that by adjusting the slider for each Challenge until you have your desired range from 1 Star to 5 Stars. The Current Difficulty is the total number of Stars that you assigned for each Challenge combined. You can view the Rewards that you will get from your current configuration on this page as well. Once you’re done, click on Confirm.

This will allow you to spawn a Caravan near your city for 50 AP. This Caravan much like the one in Silk Road will move towards its destination while you protect it from Barbarian Hoards. Your objective is to keep the Caravan alive until it reaches its destination. On successful escorts, you will receive the following rewards depending on your difficulty configuration.

Summer of Passion Supplies Rewards

Players, who completed the event in Highest Difficulty i.e max no of Stars, will be ranked based on how much damage their Caravan took. If someone completed the event with the maximum number of Stars possible i.e 25 and their Caravan took no damage then they’ll be ranked #1.

There is one flaw in this event. If two or more players got a perfect score i.e 25 Difficulty rating and no damage taken by the Caravan then who will win? We can’t know for sure until the event ends, but the Event Rules Page doesn’t specific about such scenarios.

Summer of Passion Supplies Rank Reward
Rank Rewards


This looks event looks much better and F2P friendly than the previous iteration of this event format. Players can now get up to two additional Legendary Sculptures without spending anything and potentially more if they place higher in the leader boards. Definitely a step in the right direction. That’s it for this overview. Leave a comment if you have any queries.

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