Top 3 Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms offers players 11 Civilizations to choose from. Each of these Civilization has its own building architecture styles, buffs, starting commanders and special units. You can change your Civilization at any time for 10,000 gems or using a Civilization Change item. Some of these Civilization are remarkably strong during the early stages but fall off during the later stages.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the Top 3 Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms. These Civilizations will serve you quite well in multiple areas of the game.

Criteria for selection

PVE: PVE or Player versus Environment is what we are doing most of the time in Rise of Kingdoms, whether it’s farming barbarians, grinding forts or events like Karuak Ceremony. A good Civilization should have some utility that compliments PVE.

PVP: This is the second area where a Civilization should excel at. Buffs provided by a Civilization are crucial for Rally Leaders, Garrison Captains and open field as well.

Special Unit: We are considering the Special Unit type and not the Special Unit itself for this list. e.g Spain, Germany, Arabia and Byzantium has different Special Units but the the same Special Unit type i.e Cavalry.

**Starting Commanders: We are not considering Starting Epic Commanders for this guide. This is because everyone can max out their desired Epic commander in a reasonable time regardless of their Civilization.**

Top 3 Civilizations

#3 Germany

Special Unit: Teutonic Knight
Unit type: Cavalry


Cavalry Attack +5%: Cavalry are the strongest unit in the game in the open field because of their high mobility and dps. This buff further amplifies your cavalry unit for any situation whether it’s PvP, PvE or any other events.

Action Points Recovery +10%: Boosting your passive AP recovery is a good buff for both F2P and P2W players. You won’t notice the difference right away but in the long run it does make a significant difference. However, it’s not as good as some of the buffs that the other two Civilizations provide.

Troop Training Speed +5%: Troops are the most valuable resource in Rise of Kingdoms and reducing their training time will significantly boost your strength in the long run. This combined with the other buffs makes Germany one of the most widely used Civilization in the game and rightfully so.

#2 Ottoman Empire

Special Unit: Janissary
Unit type: Archer


Archer Health +5%: Archers are Squishy. There is no polite way of saying that. This buff tries to solve that. This buff is specially good if you’re building into the rare full Archer setups.

Active Skill Damage +5%: Archers are known for their ridiculous Skill Damage this further buffs their damage output. The best part of this buff is that it’s not limited to just Archers, both Infantry and Cavalry enjoy this buff too.

Troop March Speed +5%: Extra March Speed is good in both PvP, PvE and specially in Ark of Osiris where you need to move around a lot. This is another universal buff, meaning all three unit types will benefit from it.

Downside of using Ottoman Empire is that it’s an Archer Civilization. However because of it’s two universal buffs and with the introduction of Artemisia and Theodora, Archers are coming back to the meta making Ottoman Empire an excellent choice of Garrison Captains.

#1 Arabia

Special Unit: Mamluk
Unit type: Cavalry


Cavalry Attack +5%: Just like Germany, Arabia is another awesome choice if you like to use Cavalry.

Damage Dealt to Barbarians and other Neutral Units +10%: This is perhaps the best PvE buff in the game. 10% damage buff is applicable to all three sources of damage, so in reality, it’s a total of 30% stat boost as it increases Attack, Skill Damage, and Counter 10% each. With this, you will be able to melt down any Barbarian, Barbarian Fort, or any other neutral unit.

Damage Dealt by Rallied Armies +5%: As of right now, the best rally combination in the game is

Attila and Takeda Shingen who are Cavalry commanders, so this buff along with the Cavalry Attack +5% buff, Attila and Takeda can take down objectives quite easily. This 5% buff boosts all of the three sources of damage, Attack, Skill damage, and Counterattack. You won’t be doing any Skill Damage with Attila and Takeda so it’s only a 10% buff for them but if you’re using another proven Cavalry rally combination – Genghis Khan and Saladin they will enjoy a total of 15% buff.

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