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Update 1.0.36: “Summer of Passion”

This post is about the Update 1.0.36, if you want to read about Summer of Passion event, Click Here.

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.36: “Summer of Passion” at around 2020/07/27 06:00 UTC. The servers will be down for an estimated 3 hours. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you, and will be sending a compensation reward once the update is complete.

“Summer of Passion” Coming Soon!

Let’s create some great memories on the hot summer days! Here are some of the “Summer of Passion” events:

Summer Party: 7 days of questing for great rewards!

Update 1.0.36: Summer Party
Your favorite summer event is here!

Sea of Fireflies: Collect chest points to earn rewards for you and your alliance members!

Update 1.0.36: Sea of Fireflies
Attract Fireflies!

-Summertime Collection: Collect nectar to feed the fireflies and light up the night sky!
-Summer Night Memories: Exchange for a wide variety of prizes, including a new city theme!
-Race Against Time: Who can eliminate the most barbarians in a short period of time?

Equipment System Improvements

  • Improved the equipping process, as well as the Set Effects screen.
  • Improved the forging screen. Governors should have an easier time seeing their blueprints and fragments.
  • Improved the forging process. While forging equipment, different statuses will be shown based on how many blueprints and materials you have.
  • Improved some screen display effects.
Update 1.0.36: Forging
Go equip faster and make your commander stronger!

“Ian’s Ballads” Improvements

  • Governors can now also get rewards after defeating non-Chieftain enemies.
  • During the campaign, governors’ troops have faster march speed when they are not in battle.
  • Made adjustments to how power level affects matchmaking, and decreased event difficulty accordingly.
  • When governors’ troops are defeated, role skills will have their cooldowns and energy bars reset. So troops can immediately rejoin the fight once they are sent out again.
  • Camping restores troop strength as well as role energy bars, allowing governors to use their skills more often!
  • Made adjustments to certain role skills.

“Ceroli Crisis” Improvements

  • Added some notifications to certain chieftain fights to help governors have a better time fighting them.
  • Added more data displays to give governors clearer feedback on their performance in battle.
  • Added a new exclusive chat channel to facilitate communication during battle.

Sunset Canyon Improvements

  • Expanded the rank range for Sunset Canyon daily and season rewards.
  • Governors can now view historical rankings in Sunset Canyon.
  • Improved some screen display effects

Silk Road Improvements

  • You can get some Individual Credits from just following the caravan as it travels.
  • Alliance leaders and officers can give up the mission if necessary. This will not use an attempt from your limit.

Other Changes

  • Decreased the difficulty of Golden Kingdom and added a new scene.
  • When newly acquired commanders are upgraded, a record of all items used to upgrade them will be kept in the commander information page. These records will start after this maintenance.
Update 1.0.36: Commander
It is good to know how many items are used to upgrade a commander.
  • When a governor uses Passport Pages to immigrate to a different kingdom, all governors in that kingdom will receive a notification message.
  • Returning to your home kingdom from the Lost Kingdom will no longer use a Targeted Teleport, and will instead use a Random Teleport.
  • Wu Zetian will not be usable in Lost Kingdom Season 2 (instances of Lost Kingdom currently in progress or in the Eve of the Crusade stage will not be affected).
  • Increased the area of effect for Theodora’s active skill.
  • Improved the Garden of Infinity event’s rewards and mechanisms. The double rewards effect will last until the governor reaches an item reward tile.
  • Adjusted King Skills: “Tax” costs 50% fewer gems to use, and the resource cap has been increased to 12 million per resource type. “Imprison”’s cool-down has been increased from 3 hours to 15 hours, and the duration has been reduced to 10 minutes.

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