Patch Notes

Update 1.0.39: “Heroic Anthem” Rise of Kingdoms

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.39: “Heroic Anthem” at around [UTC 2020/10/12). Before the update, you can download data in advance via events to earn nice rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

The Lost Kingdom: Heroic Anthem

Heroic Anthem

Will go live in a few kingdoms within 2 weeks after the update)

Following the path of our ancestors, we have combined all of our power and set out together on a perilous journey. Along the way, we may find great heroes who share our dream. Hand in hand, our unified strength will let us rediscover long-forgotten glory and splendor! The Lost Kingdom welcomes a brand new “Heroic Anthem”. Kingdoms that have been through the first two seasons of the Lost Kingdom, as well as Light and Darkness, will enter an even bigger and more challenging Season of Conquest. The time for the kingdom to strive is at hand! In the “Heroic Anthem” Story, Governors will experience brand new camp battles and skill synergies:

Camp Division: Different kingdoms can unite to form a camp, joining together to face the strongest enemies!

Heroic Anthem Camp

Coalition Combat: Alliances of the same camp can join together to form coalitions, bringing the fighting and coordination up a whole level from a single alliance!

Skill synergies: Troops can equip extra commanders’ skills for a new level of skill synergy potential! Put the right skills together, and the results will astound you!

Returning Heroic Souls: A set portion of your units killed in battle during this season will be brought back to life, ready to continue following you on your adventure!

Heroic Soul

“Protect the Supplies” Event Optimizations

  • We adjusted where the caravan and raiders spawn to make things more reasonable. If there are no villages near you, try moving to a more heavily populated area.
  • We made things more difficult for 20-star and higher challenges. 3) We added limits for event load and participation.

Other Optimizations

In the Lost Kingdom, governors will no longer be able to use the alliance skill “Nature’s Gift”.

During the “Light and Darkness” season, while the map may display multiple Ancient Ruins and Altars of Darkness, governors can only send troops to enter one at a time.

After Stage 1 of “Past Glory ends, the buff kingdoms received of “15% increased attack, defense, and health” has been changed to “50%”.

We added an “Alliance Reclaim” function to the Alliance Shop, allowing governors to exchange their unwanted items for Individual Credits.

Alliance Reclaim

Alliance credit costs and difficulty have been reduced for some levels of the “Silk Road” event.

The “Ceroli Crisis” event has a new general, Torgny, ready, and waiting for governors to challenge.

Upcoming Ceroli Crisis Boss: Torgny

The display for the “Peerless Scholar” event has been optimized, making it look better and easier to understand. menu, which governors can make use of as they see fit.

Peerless Scholar

We added a “Hide Own News in Newspaper” function to the settings.

We added an unoccupied territory marking function to scenario battles (the “lan’s Ballads” and “Ceroli Crisis” events).

The “Quick Forge” function can now count and use material crates and material choice chests.

We optimized the display for equipment blueprint choice chests and commander sculpture chests. Governors can now see how much they already have of each choice.

We added more convenient help access. Governors can now tap on their city wall’s guard patrol to go to the Customer Service page.


We optimized the marching troops’ emoji and quick chat systems. Governors can now send all unlocked emojis and quick chat sentences while on your march.

We have removed the kingdom-wide immigration message function. Governors will no longer receive a message every time a new governor immigrates to their kingdom.

We added an opponent troops choice function to the Expedition system. Governors can tap the enemy portrait list on the left side of the screen to

We reworked the triggering mechanism of Guan Yu’s expertise skill “Lone Rider”. Now Guan Yu will deal increased skill damage for 3 seconds whenever he gains a shield.

We increased the attack range of William I’s “Hidden Bloodline” skill.

In order to ensure account safety for all governors, after the update, all governors using Android/iOS emulators to play will need to log in on their mobile devices if they want to create a new character.

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